“If there’s a way I’d describe my art- it definitely has influence from graffiti. But, I would also say a few unpopular theories are thrown in there. Y’know, thought-provoking. Get you really thinking about things.”

What is art without a message and a bit of chaos upon delivery to get the mind moving? At age fourteen, Depo1 had a spray can in hand- leaving his mark around Miami streets. Between lettering and characters, he came to create a passion for his artistic language. He gained a drive to create pieces that invoke its onlookers to question their reality. Years passing and pesky rules took the artist from the streets to the canvas. Continuing his characters and allowing his background of street art to influence his new compositions, he allowed his art to evolve. As the world spins to a new age, so do the innovations we make towards breaking boundaries. As we move towards a digital world, so do some of the practices we consider to be grounded in tradition. As we break through these bonds, Depo1 has found a new inspiration.